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I have been hunting and gathering for over 35 years; it all started with the second-hand and thrift shops strewn all over Chicago.  For some reason I found myself drawn to vintage and retro clothing long before it became chic. From this experience my passion grew into other areas of collecting. This knack for pulling together like and special items seemed to be in my DNA. As my travels grew so did my interest, and as they say, “the rest is history”.

At first my focus was on Black Memorabilia, sourced within Europe. This collection was for my own pleasure and enjoyment. The more I saw, the bigger the collection became. I continued to add items to this collection and realized, the area in which we already collected Black Memorabilia, was in fact connected to what would become our passion, West German Pottery (WGP).

Out of necessity, I was introduced to West German Pottery.  Having moved to the Netherlands where it’s quite traditional that when one comes to visit, they bring flowers.  When this happened, I had no vases in which to place them.  Fortunately there was a “kringloop winkel” or a “second-hand shop” approximately 100 meters from my front door.  I would visit this place weekly as I just enjoyed looking around, always something different. I bought my first piece of WGP, a 40cm; Glossy White; Scheurich Amsterdam pattern. Enamored with the look, feel and especially the cost, I purchased additional ones to enhance the floor vase. And unbeknownst to me, this was the beginning of my WGP collection (addiction).

I became enthralled by the colors, textures, styles, finishes of West German Pottery. It was like a magnet. I began to come across massive amounts of WGP. At the time it seemed to be everywhere, without any guidance, I bought whatever I could find! My passion soared, my knowledge grew and of course so did the dent in my wallet. I turned so many friends and family members into “Fat Lava” addicts. At this point, my partner joined in the hunt.

Sharing our passion became our primary focus. SharpRetro as a web shop, was born. Never did we dream that this would be such a massive undertaking. Our specialization is WGP, but our offering includes other wonderful collectibles and antiques.  It has taken us years of shopping, research, creative learning, and thousands of photos to bring to you SharpRetro with around 10,000 pieces, truly a labor of love.

Although, technology has made it easier to seek, source and find, the real ‘high’ is the hunting and gathering. From Second Hand Shops, to weekend Flea Markets and the occasional Antique Markets, we found from the old to the new, the tacky to the wacky and the trendy to the chic.

We do not profess to have all the knowledge nor do we see ourselves as experts in the field of WGP. We have probably made errors in identifying and attributing to the right manufacturer, artist, style or year. But our desire is to share with you fantastic and stunning items. We simply want you to experience what we experienced, when we first encountered  each and every piece – pure delight!.

Our focus is collections; for the novice, or a seasoned veteran with regards to collecting.

With more knowledge under our belt, we are critical in our buying, demanding in its quality, and intent on providing highly valued products!

Thank you for your visit to SharpRetro, tell all your friends about us!