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Conditions of Use

General, acceptation, point of agreement, delivery, transportation, guarantee, payments, secure financing proces, changes of adress, other conditions, applicable by Netherlands law.

1.1 These conditions count for every buy, sell or deal made by SharpRetro, after this section referred to as SharpRetro, and their buyers, after this referred to as buyers. By making an agreement with SharpRetro, the buyer is aware of his actions and fully understands all the writings mentioned in these delivery conditions of SharpRetro.
1.2 Conditions made by the buyer will not be taken for granted by SharpRetro, unless both partys have agreed to this new conditions in writing.
1.3 SharpRetro shows images of goods (used and vintage) which can also be slightly imperfect. We try to communicate all flaws and damages to the goods.SharpRetro will provide additional pictures for large purchases, by request only.
1.4.The buyer is fully aware of his obligations to SharpRetro, according to the shipping and returning conditions.
1.5 SharpRetro creates their website and media very cautious and seriously. SharpRetro will not be held responsible for typing- or programming faults on his website or other media means to communicate with his buyers.

2. Acceptation.
2.1 As soon as the buyer has payed for his order and the bank of SharpRetro confirms the entering of the amount, SharpRetro will immediately take action in order to ship the package to its buyer. However when the buyer neglects his payment, SharpRetro has the right to delay the shipping proces untill the point of entering this amount on his account has been reached.

3. Point of agreement.
3.1 The day after the date of the buyer's invoice counts for the start of the buy-agreement between SharpRetro and its buyer.

4. Delivery.
4.1 Delivery starts at the current place of business of SharpRetro and will end at the adress known as the adress of delivery pointed out at the invoice of the buyer.

4.2 SharpRetro is dependent on the speed of shipping within The Netherlands and the travel of the package out of The Netherlands, until its point of destiny. SharpRetro will notify the buyer by E-mail when their package is shipped and they will estimate the period of delivery. The buyer has no right to speed up this shipping proces unless he wants to pay for primary shipping, which costs can vary according to its weight and destiny. SharpRetro will inform by E-mail on the amount of primary shipping costs to its destiny.
4.3 If the delivery has been delayed by causes like above, which are out of reach of SharpRetro's action, then SharpRetro will notify the buyer on regular bases of the process of packing and shipping its goods.
4.4 If delivery cannot succeed by causes due to buyer's neglect like false address or sudden charges not known to SharpRetro, SharpRetro has the right to charge the buyer for these extra costs.
4.5 The shipping of big transfers from SharpRetro to its buyer will be discussed in order to obtain a way in which both partys agree. 

5. Transportation.
5.1 The responsibility and insurance of the buyer's goods are on the account of the buyer.

5.2 The costs of returning these goods back to SharpRetro are on the account of the buyer.
5.3 Sending and delivering goods to its buyer will be arranged by SharpRetro.

6.1 Guarantees given by SharpRetro will hold only, if SharpRetro receives the product back.
6.2 If the goods are not in the shape as described by SharpRetro, the buyer will notify this within 15 days. This can be done by E-mail or by writing. The return of package will contain the following contents : a. the damaged goods, b. a copy of the invoice, c. a letter in which the buyer explains the damage, d. all information and the procedure how SharpRetro can pay you back after receiving the package. Ask your bank on how to do this.

7. Payment.
7.1 In case the buyer pays by creditcard or pay on advance, SharpRetro can add the shipping costs to the sum of invoice. This will only happen when the buyer requests for primary sending service set by TNT postdelivery enterprise Netherlands. These costs vary according to its destination and weight. This service guarantees quick delivery at the highest level. SharpRetro uses economic sending service and this service is on the account of SharpRetro. This delivery  depends on the postservice within the country of destination.

8. Secure financing process.
8.1 A payment on advance needs to be settled within the period on which both partys have agreed.

8.2 Payment must be made upon receipt of invoice, in a way by SharpRetro and in the currency in which the statement of expenses was drawn up. Contestation of the amount of the statements of expenses shall suspend the fulfilment of the payment obligation.
8.3 If the buyer fails to fulfil his payment obligation nothing will be shipped.

9. Changes of address.
9.1 If the buyer moves, he is obliged to to notify SharpRetro this change of address as soon as possible.

9.2 The buyer will pay for the extra costs if the package is sent to his old address.

10. Other conditions.
10.1 Payment in terms will only happen if SharpRetro and the buyer agreed to delivery in terms.

11. Applicable law.

11.1 The dutch law shall apply to each and every agreement between SharpRetro and the buyer.
11.2 The dutch version of these general terms and conditions prevails at all time, in case of disputes with regard to the interpretation and purpose of these english terms and conditions.
11.3 The most recently filed version shall always apply, or as the case may be, the version valid at the time the agreement was concluded.